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The vault mentorship

The Vault is a structured resource that’s geared toward nurturing and maturing the emotional real estate of each participant. Good emotional health is absolutely essential to leading a fruitful and joy-filled life, business and relationship.

Good, bad or indifferent: The extent of our emotional health and how it naturally affects others who are in proximity to us can be discovered by simply scrutinizing when we enter a space and can sense someone’s “emotional fragrance” or what many have come to describe as a “vibe” which is defined as a distinctive feeling or quality capable of being sensed.

The Vault is established as a safe space where both men and women alike can explore and reflect upon the contents of their experience and be equipped to leverage proven strategy and wisdom that is guaranteed to catapult them toward the greatest version of themselves.


The tools needed to help you “Get Well Soon” are found in The Vault. Let's grow, family!

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Cyber monday registration

Register for just $99.00 until Tuesday, 12/1 at 12 Noon EST ONLY.

A Savings of $600 INSTANTLY!

Cyber Monday Package includes:

// 2 Week Crash Course

Kick off your journey to #GetWellSoon with The Vault's mini intensive designed specifically to jumpstart your pursuit of wholeness.

// 6 Sessions

Gain access to over 6 hours of content including live coaching, intercessory prayer moments and fireside chats with Sharde called #VaultTalksLive.

// The Vault 2021 Promo Code

Upon registering, you'll receive an exclusive promo code that will take of a hefty percentage of full registration for The Vault 2021. 

// Private Learning Portal

Gain access to your very own private learning portal–– A Virtual Wellness Suite of sorts! 

// Private Mentorship Community

The cornerstone and a vital component of The Vault is fostering healthy community. Past participants have been able to pursue healing with the added benefit of an organic support system and lasting connections.

// ADDED BONUS–– Because we love you...

Gain access to a product code that will redeem a 30 minute Discovery Call with Sharde... Absolutely free because you registered. Sharde has proven strategy and a well of wisdom that guaranteed to unlock your potential and assist you to BECOME!

Register below

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